Across Europe and North America we're entering that time of year when we give thanks. Thanksgiving and Christmas are often times of reflection and sharing of gifts, kindness and gratitude. Hopefully especially so this year.

But, why just now? And why so little at work? We may nto being physically seeing our colleagues as much right now, but again, even more reason to reach out and say thank you. In particular this is an element of leadership often overlooked. There is so much power, and impact from a simple 'Thank you'.  I try but often fail in this. I have an amazing team, and owe a great deal to them. I'm sure the same applies to many of you.

To teams, colleagues and partners everywhere, let's say 'Thank you' not just now, but always.

Hyperion builds teams for some of the most innovative cleantech start-ups and scale-ups in the world. To all of our clients. Thank you.