The UK’s four biggest vehicle fleet operators – Centrica, DPD UK, Royal Mail and BT and Openreach – have joined the mounting calls for a 2030 ban on sales of new internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

It comes as part of the UK Electric Fleets Coalition campaign to achieve the earlier date, with the Coalition now having close to 30 members. These include companies such as EDF, E.On, Engie, Hitachi Capital UK, Iberdrola/ScottishPower, Octopus, OVO, SSE and Tesco.

It really is awesome to see fleets and industries coming together to influence and drive legislation regards to the phase out and ban on sales of new ICE vehicles by 2030.

On the other hand, I don’t think enough is being done from auto OEM’s in their commitment to going fully electric. At Hyperion, we are fortunate enough to partner with the most innovate E-Mobility solutions providers who are delivering the critical charging infrastructure needed to enable the transition to electric vehicles. It would be nice to see more being done from the auto manufacturers - off their own backs and not just because policy says so.

So far this year BEV sales have increased 168.7% compared to 2019, with sales rising from 28,259 to 75,946 so there’s clearly a growing demand. The more we champion the transition to electric mobility, the better chance we have in achieving net zero. If fleet operators of tens of thousands of vehicles can make the switch, so can anyone. We just need commitment across the board. 

At Hyperion, we are proud to work with leading clean technology and E-Mobility companies who are driving the clean energy and mobility transition forward.

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