If ever there was a time for leaders to make sure they are taking care of themselves it's now.  The thing is, good leaders take care or their people, their teams, and their families as a priority. Leaders eat last, as Simon Sinek wrote. That is very true, but for those of you that can remember getting on a plane, and the safety briefing. 'Put on your own oxygen mask before helping anyone else'. You have to be able to breath and think clearly to help others. The same applies in life, in business, and especially now in leadership.

Don't fall for the grind, hustle, 'sleep when you're dead' BS. Of course you need to work hard, to graft, but you need to be alive, and not a 'Zombie' leader. Make the time for self-care, for the sake of your team, your family, and yes, for yourself.

I recruit C-suite leaders for cleantech companies globally, Leadership matters. So do you.