An article that made me laugh and cry! The description of Trumps Whitehouse had me laughing out loud. The realization that the UK is hurtling towards a no-deal Brexit had me back in tears.  Fortunately Hyperion have a GmbH based in Munich, and at this time Wolfgang and the team are very busy serving some of the awesome cleantech businesses across continental Europe, and a Green Recovery fund can only be a good thing for all (except dirty fossil types). On a serious note, as the article suggests, whilst devastating in so many ways, Covid does give us the opportunity to reset our economies, and our way of life, to create better more livable cities, cleaner less polluting environments, a more sustainable economy, and a fairer, nicer society. Yes, I know, I'm an idealist, and there is a long way to go to achieve those things, but it's important to be positive at this time, and what a great challenge to have before us.

Stay safe, wear a mask, care for yourself and others. Build back better.