I'm now back in the 'office' following a lovely break away with the family in North Wales. A break that very much involved time spent away from the car - plenty of hikes, running, swimming and lots of fresh air. 

So what have I missed? Is the internal combustion engine dead yet?

Not quite! However, as today marks #worldcarfreeday, it is great to read up on such reports suggesting the UK government will advance its ban on the sale of new combustion-engine cars from 2040 to 2030 in an effort to speed up widespread electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

Criticism of the planned ban of course exists though predictably focusing around the limited state of the UK’s public charging network, which is widely thought to be incapable with accommodating an influx of EVs. However, the Guardian reports that the government’s ambitious new plan comes in response to assurances from unnamed sources that the infrastructure will be ready by 2030.

Then comes those who claim 'the grid cannot cope' (with the increase in electric vehicles) despite industry experts such as Graeme Cooper, Director of National Grid's electric vehicle project suggesting otherwise by quite rightly highlighting how energy networks have managed the change away from coal towards renewables - so why would the change in transport be any different? 

After all, with the constant evolution of the grid through the positive impact of smart charging, renewable energy and battery storage integration as well as future technology such as V2G, we could actually achieve a grid that is stronger than ever before, whilst cleaning up the air that our children breathe.

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