Following the long duration energy storage industry for the last few years has been much like following my football/soccer team - I always start the season optimistically, buoyed by the promise of things to come but leave a little disappointed with the end result and the opportunities missed. 

The cycle continues. There's always next year hey? 

However, for the long duration storage industry at least, things are definitely starting to change. 

According to London-based financial advisory and investment house Augusta & Co, investment in long-duration battery storage is moving closer to viability in Europe as costs fall and rewards improve. 

Power price volatility in a COVID-19 world has pushed hedging to the top of the agenda for renewable asset owners, with long duration energy storage offering a unique solution whilst heat storage technologies are gaining ground as large industrials see how much value they are losing by not engaging in energy efficiency in a world of rising carbon costs.

Our client Arenko Group (we've just completed a senior-level commercial search for the team, more to follow shortly!) are also mentioned in the below article as an example of understanding & embracing software technology to maximise battery assets. 

Energy storage can make money in seven or eight different ways -- but operation is complex and not for all investors, such as the pension fund investors that have treated heavily regulated and/or indexed wind farm assets as a form of bond substitute.

Arenko sell automation software to battery operators that makes the battery available 24/7, but also allows the battery to effectively price itself and trade market positions as you get closer to delivery - essentially the battery becomes self-learning and self-trading,

As longer duration battery assets become cheaper and their uses become more widely understood by grid operators, they will increasingly displace the role of peaking gas assets. 

It's a fascinating time to operate in the long duration space and support companies navigate a rapidly-evolving market. 

From our creative thinking 'hardware' clients Form Energy, Malta Inc & Quidnet who are exploring new ways to store energy and software clients like Arenko Group playing a key role in keeping the electricity system in balance with more renewables on the grid, we've managed a really diverse portfolio of searches in the last 24 months. 

From Senior Battery Engineers to Product Managers to Chief Commercial Officers, we've seen it all! 

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