The electric vehicle industry has quietly hit one of its biggest milestones to date, as the number of public charging points around the world surpasses the 1 million mark. 

This is an incredible achievement with figures doubling in just three years, according to the recent tally by BloombergNEF. Clear signs that the direction of travel is moving further and further away from fossil fuels and the electric revolution is underway!

Whilst the majority of the new infrastructure has been built in China and Europe, North America is ramping up its infrastructure and there's hope that a pandemic stimulus plan will catalyse a new wave of construction.

At Hyperion, we're proud to work with the world's leading EV Charging innovators, helping them to hire exceptional senior level talent.

In just the last two years, we have placed over 25 C-level and senior hires to lead the EV sectors most outstanding, high growth companies - those who are playing a key role in shaping the EV charging landscape worldwide.

What's more, we estimate that Hyperion candidates have contributed to the installation of more than 350,000 chargepoints spread across more than 50 countries.

How long before we hit two million? Exciting times ahead. 

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