With technology continuously aiding, assisting, and entertaining us every day of our lives, we are constantly reminded of the big players in the game.

For companies to have such a presence in our lives it is just right they also have a presence in the world’s fight against Climate Change.

Not only should Big Tech companies play a part in this fight due to the social responsibility to do so, but also because they contribute hugely to the problem.

Over the last two decades, the world has burned record amounts of fossil fuels. And a proportion of this burning was used to power virtually all of Big Tech company’s products (which by the way, there are a lot!).

Big players in the tech industry have been pushing mass consumption of their products at global levels, all while undermining the real threat of Climate Change and more.

A growing share of American’s are concerned about the environment, and the big US tech companies would seem to be in a position to lead the way on fighting climate change. These big players hold more power, voice and resources than some countries themselves, yet are often let off easy when we are dealing with substantial worldwide problems.

We are now at a cross roads, where Big Tech companies could continue to exacerbate the problem through the use of ‘dirty’ electricity and spreading misinformation, OR they could lead the way on fighting Climate Change. The choice is theirs.

These companies, clearly staffed with the brightest and smartest people, have generally pledged to do more to reduce carbon emissions, mostly by offsetting their carbon through reforestation. This is great, but is it enough?

Climate scientists say global emissions must be cut by half by 2030 if we stand a chance of averting the worst impacts of warming.

With such power, can Big Tech companies compel manufacturers of their devices to reduce factory emissions and switch to cleaner energy? Can they reuse and recycle the materials in their devices? Or simply can they stop selling technology that aids the oil and gas industry to extract fossil fuels?

These are just a few solutions that would make major differences in the fight for a clean energy future!

With little progress being made, it is crucial to ask are US big tech companies using voluntary targets to avoid national legislation on emission standards being enforced? For example, both Britain and the EU require their countries and government to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Whatever the solution, something needs done. As consumers of technology, we must educate ourselves and hold these companies accountable. Will a Big Tech company make history by ditching the status quo, because if so I’d sure buy off them!

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