Exactly 12 months ago, I was stood in the middle of a local Bike shop scratching my head, bemused and bewildered at what bike to select - having just taken advantage of the Cycle to Work Scheme along with some colleagues.

Now, as I reach the end of the scheme, I've realised just how little I've actually made use of it. 

And why is that? Well to be honest, partly down to motivation but largely down to the little or no cycle infrastructure that exists on my route to/from work.

However, with news this week that the government has brought forward plans to invest heavily in walking and cycling, to relieve the pressure on public transport, I'm hoping to see many more commuters (including myself) ditching their cars for more active modes.

The plans announced by Grant Shapps on 9th May includes a £250m emergency “active travel fund” to finance building of wider pavements for walking and new, segregated cycle tracks. The money is the first, critical down payment on a £2bn plan intended to help staff to return to work by the only private modes that can stop city centres from being snarled by long lines of space-hungry cars.

Part of this plan will also see e-scooters officially legalised in the UK, with trials brought forward from next year to next month. About time!

Not to mention, a £10 million funding injection for on-street Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure, to support the uptake of EV adoption in the country has also been given the green light. 

All of this is welcome news with the hope that this greener focus from policy makers will further accelerate the mobility transition and help create a greener, cleaner and healthier world for us all.