A US utility is to trial a new battery storage technology that promises to deliver the holy grail of a grid based around wind and solar – ultra long storage of up to 150 hours that could revolutionise the way storage technology is used and deployed.

Great River Energy – a major non-for-profit energy co-operative based in Minnesota – is teaming with Form Energy, a battery storage technology developer backed by Bill Gates, to install a first-of-its-kind demonstration of Form’s unique “aqueous air flow” battery with ultra long storage.

The battery pilot will be a 1MW/150MWh, grid-connected storage system capable of delivering its rated power of one megawatt continuously for 150 hours, part of a broader plan to retire Great River’s main generator, a 1,151MW coal unit, and replace it with wind and ultimately battery storage and make 95% of its power emissions free.

And while the battery component of this Great River Energy plan is relatively minor, if the pilot proves successful at delivering super-long duration and low cost storage, the implications for the electricity industry will be enormous.

Lithium-ion batteries are well suited to fast bursts of energy production, but they run out of energy after just a few hours. 

A true low-cost, long-duration energy storage solution that can sustain output for days can fill gaps in wind and solar energy production that would otherwise require firing up a fossil-fueled power plant.

Form's technology could make a reliable, affordable 100% renewable electricity system a real possibility. 

Hyperion specializes in building teams for companies developing clean technology breakthroughs and we are currently partnering with Form Energy to find a Senior Battery Engineer for their team in Boston, MA. 

We're looking for someone with deep, practical experience with integrated electrochemical devices whilst exhibiting a scrappy, interdisciplinary problem-solving attitude to aid Form's product development efforts. 

Please see more here: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/1839272379/