No surprise to see Tom Steyer - investor, environmentalist and recent Democratic presidential hopeful - duffing up those still inclined to chuck money at the US fossil fuel industry. But his overriding conviction about foolish, unproductive investments in "harm-causing commodities" is sound - "it falls under the heading of 'catching a falling knife' - always a dangerous activity."

As Steyer points out, aside from the implicit dangers to our climate, the current dislocation in the fossil fuel industry should be seen not just as a blip, but rather a global downward trend. Government investment into oil and gas infrastructure - championed by the fossil fuel lobby - is shortsighted folly at any time, and particularly at a time of global pandemic lockdown when big investment is needed elsewhere to kickstart an economy that's on its uppers!

At Hyperion we work with innovative and disruptive clean energy and e-mobility start-ups from across North America and Europe. We see every day how public and private investments in new energy markets can help to fix the climate crisis. As the pandemic passes and markets burst into life once more, investing in new markets with new jobs in clean, green energy has to be the priority. It just makes sense!

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