This is a short read, but it's excellent advice. No offence here, as there are some outstanding HR practitioners, and we love working with them, alongside the leaders and founders of the organisations we headhunt for. HOWEVER, so many job descriptions I see, and job adverts for that matter, suck. Really suck. 

There is a well documented war for talent, and you're going to war with a pea-shooter, if that's how you approach hiring. Your adverts have to be inspiring and engaging, your job descriptions have to reflect the challenges and opportunities of the the role and your company.  And if the role is truly critical, then you need to hire an expert. You don't do your own accounts, or write your own legal contracts, why is that? Because experts do it better, and get better results.

Btw, at Hyperion, we don't just know Cleantech inside out, we know how to attract and retain top talent. We are the experts here, and we'd love to help you.