A great song! However, that's not what I'm referring to...

I'm talking about the UK's first residential avenue that's been fully completed with all 24 of its lampposts converted into electric vehicle charge points.

The project was delivered in collaboration between Siemens, ubitricity and Westminster City Council. The half a mile long avenue now coined 'Electric Avenue' is testament to the great work of Siemens and ubitricity who between them have launched well over 1500 charge points across London.

Westminster City Council deserve a lot of praise too. They've really embraced the #evtransition and now boast more EV charge points than any other UK local authority with a total of 296 lamp column charge points in the city, including the 24 on Electric Avenue W9 according to Siemens.

I for one am a huge advocate for Lamppost charging or public charging for that matter. To me it makes complete sense especially for those who do not have a private driveway or access to home charging. Not to mention, for cash-strapped local authorities, given the infrastructure is already in place, this is a low cost solution that can be delivered with minimal disruption. 

You only need to look at the data released by the team at Zap Map a few days ago, which highlights in the UK, the number of On-Street electric vehicle chargepoints has increased over 300% over the last year. 

ubitricity in particular have played a huge part in ensuring EV drivers can access convenient, renewable and low cost charging. As the second largest EV charge point network operator in the UK with 11% market share and more EV chargers being installed everyday throughout UK and Europe, they are leading the way to deliver electricity everywhere and anywhere for everyone.

We at Hyperion Search are extremely proud to have played our part in finding great talent for our client ubitricity having recently built out their UK team. Well done to all involved and here's to a future where absolutely every avenue is electrified!