On Friday I read a recent Forbes article which stated 'The future belongs to the innovators, creators and disruptors. Yet, innovation, creativity, change and disruption are courageous acts that occur outside the comfort zone and beyond the status quo'.

Then, at a gig that I went to on Saturday evening, the artist spoke about vulnerability and how we must overcome it through courage. 

Both really resonated with me. There is no vulnerability without courage and in order to drive real change, we must be courageous leaders.

We live in a world, on a tiny planet that is vulnerable to so many things none more so than climate change. Unless we can show the courage to innovate, disrupt, be creative and drive change, nothing will actually change.

So, with everything that is going on around us right now, learning that the British government is opening a public consultation in what is likely to be the first step toward legalising the use of electric scooters in the country, THIS is exactly the sort of headline I want to see!

This is courage. Albeit baby steps, this is the government flexing their courage muscles to collectively tackle the difficult issues (climate change, pollution, congestion) and come up with solutions that matter. Solutions that will help provide safer, cleaner, convenient and accessible mobility for all.

Here at Hyperion Executive Search, thanks to our deep insight into the e-mobility sector, we are working with the most innovative companies enabling them to find extraordinary people who through courage, innovation and disruption are helping the make the world a better, less vulnerable place.