Without question, now more than ever, we need to find innovative solutions to combat climate change. In less than 2 minutes, here is the rundown on 5 companies you should be paying attention to this year.   

First up, four-year-old Zolar out of Berlin enables homeowners to plan and configure a solar system easily online in an effort to democratize the energy sector. 

Also in Berlin, “Solar-as-a-Service” disruptor, Ecoligo, is a crowd-investment platform for renewable energy projects determined to realize solar projects formerly inhibited by financial gaps in developing nations. 

Our last stop in Berlin is Solytic, a start-up harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to optimize solar system operation through the analyses of existing data. 

In Stuttgart, Instagrid is developing a portable battery storage unit based on their “Software-Defined Battery” to create flexible access to grid-like power for professionals in motion. 

Finally in Munich, Sono Motors aims to put the first solar car on the streets. And they will... by 2022! 

Here at Hyperion Executive Search these story-lines make us giddy and keep us inspired. With the talent solutions we provide for companies just like these, the sky is really the limit! 

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