There is a very German term for the need to be pragmatic sometimes in life and politics - it`s called "Realpolitik".

There was even a part of the Green Party in Germany that was called "Realos" - describing those party members who were not preaching absolutely fundamentalist opinions about the incompatibility between economic activity and preserving the planet. 

What we now see in Brandenburg is a typical example of a situation where (at least in my opinion) we need to make a small sacrifice to achieve a bigger goal.

I know about cutting down trees isn`t a good idea for a start. And I know that there are consequences for the wildlife, the diversity of species and potentially the impact on the supply of drinking water. 

However if we don`t allow forward looking and innovative companies to invest in a fundamentally necessary technology then we will not even have the chance any more to look after the wildlife and diversity of  species on a larger scale - because the planet will have gone down the drain as a whole. 

I know that a lot of people won`t agree or even strongly disagree. I think we need to discuss these issues as a society and find ways to to that in a sensible, respectful way.