Environmentalism has crossed borders into the political, business and economic realm, with climate change on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

A green wave has washed through electrical politics with parties fighting with ambitious climate action promises. These ambitious goals are very much backed by the businesses and people in theory, but can they really be achieved without some compromises along the way?

There have been many examples of public outcry due to community sacrifices resulting from climate friendly incentives. We are demanding more action of decarbonisation while rejecting the policies that will get us there with many worrying about compromising economy growth.

For many people energy targets set by governments are optimistic, are they achievable or is it all a load of green washing?

This interesting read makes sense of it, going through concrete worries of everyday voters. Highlighting how a growing number of energy experts and green businesses are convinced that shifts in technology advances and innovative energy changes will make decarbonisation cost effective.

With a dramatic shift in the price of renewable energy it is now believed that renewables could be cheaper than gas within a decade. This shows just what can happen when industry, government and regulators collaborate and work together to structure mechanisms properly. Society is moving on quickly and we are demanding more for a sustainable future every day and it is innovative companies that will help pave the wave.

At Hyperion we are also demanding more for a sustainable future in the work we do every day. By partnering with these innovative companies that will help us achieve these goals we strive to contribute to the ever-growing clean economy.