It's always fascinating to see who has made the annual Global Cleantech 100 listings - published last week for 2020. Now in its tenth year, the Cleantech 100 answers the question "which 100 private companies today are most likely to make significant market impact over the next 5 to 10 years". Companies are nominated and evaluated by a gaggle of 80 investors, innovators and industry clairvoyants who explore the depth and breadth of the cleantech community, analysing the current and future market drivers in sustainable innovation.

As Richard Youngman, CEO Cleantech Group, notes in his introduction to this year's report, the importance of this new decade for the Cleantech 100 companies and others to step up to the challenge of the climate crisis is more pressing than ever - "time is not on our side - the 20s need to roar as never before."

Aside from providing a great perspective into where our cleantech future lies, the Global Cleantech 100 also gives us clear evidence of where the money is going. Over $7.4 billion has been raised by the Cleantech 100 companies from investors spanning 45 countries. For investors of all shapes and sizes, the daily experience of a changing climate is sinking in. More and more we see investments made with a clear environmental impact mandate, more and more we see divestment from old energy, old mobility, and 'dirty' tech. 

Youngman makes the case that with a record 18 previous Global Cleantech 100 alumni "graduating" (via a listing or being acquired) over the last 12 months, "it now feels we are at a stage where the public capital markets support and understand acquisitions and IPOs of companies with sustainable innovations as strategically important and necessary". The tanker is turning!

At Hyperion Executive Search we have a healthy obsession for enabling the most innovative cleantech companies to find the most extraordinary people - this really is what makes us get up in the morning! To date we have been fortunate to work with a broad mix of Cleantech 100 companies from across Europe and North America including ubitricity, Chargepoint, Skeleton Technology, Electrochaea and sonnen. 

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