The climate crisis is truly the challenge of our generation. In order to meet our net zero target, fundamental changes need to take place to transform the energy and transport landscapes as well as other lifestyle choices such as diet. To facilitate this change you obviously need the right people who can make this happen. This is what drives the team at Hyperion, finding the talent for the most innovative cleantech companies that are changing the world.

This National Grid report raises a number of challenges that we currently face in order to get the right people into the right roles to make net zero happen. One of them is the lack of diversity in the sector. As we have stated in our company Manifesto, this is something we truly want to address: "We believe that talent comes in all shapes and sizes, and from all backgrounds, regardless of gender, colour, nationality or sexual orientation, and that diversity is an asset to all businesses, organisations and society as a whole". Attracting the right diversity in to cleantech jobs is crucial for the innovation that we need to succeed in achieving net zero.

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