Mobility as we know it is changing. You only need to switch on the television to see the array of electric vehicle adverts gracing our screens. However, the success of e-mobility is largely reliant on accessible infrastructure for all.

But don't worry, we're certainly getting there! This week, Digital Charging Solutions, the Munich based developer of public charging solutions for automotive OEMs and fleet operators has announced the launch of their service in the UK. 

Through its partnership with more than 15 charge point operators, DCS is the first provider to offer access to a comprehensive network of more than 7.400 charging points in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. All customers require is one contract and one card. Simple.

This is a huge step towards interoperability, allowing customers to access services and charging with an experience almost as seamless as filling up their car at the petrol station.

Accessible and straightforward charging is crucial for the future of emobility but there's still a lot more work to be done. Here at Hyperion, we're proud to have built teams for the most innovative EV charging companies, enabling them to find extraordinary people to drive forward the clean energy and mobility transition. To hear how we do it, please get in touch.