Towards the end of last week, the Department for Transport (DfT) announced that it would be investing £3.4 million into wireless EV charging trials. The first of which will see the infrastructure installed at taxi ranks in Nottingham with 10 taxi's trialled over a 6 month period.

This is simply fantastic and not only should it generate interest and potentially boost uptake in the taxi community, it will most certainly help clean up the air in the city.

As with all new technology though, there's always plenty of sceptics and by no stretch am I qualified to know the ins and outs related to the technical challenges associated with inductive charging. However, isn't it great to see the continued momentum and effort towards diversifying how we charge electric vehicles?

In my opinion, there isn't one silver bullet solution and that is why it is so awesome to see so many different options being rolled out. Be it rapid, slow, wireless, at home, workplace, destination, on-street (lamppost, curbside, pop-up), whatever...consideration into the accessibility of charging solutions is vital towards enabling mass adoption of electric vehicles.

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