This is BIG! Hi-tech industry leader Microsoft is getting serious.

There is no doubt the world confronts an urgent carbon problem, one that will cause catastrophic results. We all must reach “net zero” emissions, which will take aggressive approaches, new technology and innovative public policy.

This is therefore an inspiring and motivational decision by Microsoft, a company that recognises their responsibility to hold their products and actions accountable in this fight to tackle climate change. Microsoft has called on those who can afford it, to “move faster and go further” and that is exactly what they intend to do!

“Each of us must commit to do more, in order for us to achieve more” - Satya Nadella

This announcement comes with an ambitious goal and a detailed comprehensive plan to become carbon negative by 2030, remove all historical carbon emissions by 2050 and to launch a $1B climate innovation fund. Microsoft truly are raising the bar with these commitments to address climate change and we love to see it!

We can all learn a lot from this decision by Microsoft. Their strategy of “first to learn and then to define a principled approach to guide our efforts” is a clear example of a company putting their money where their mouth is! An impressive moonshot for Microsoft that will inspire so many.

Commitments like this one are critical to addressing climate change as climate experts agree that the world must take urgent action to bring down emissions.

I am hopeful. This news brings excitement and I, for one, am looking forward to following the process of this huge movement in their new annual Environmental Sustainability Report that will detail the companies carbon impact and reduction journey. With this exciting news it will be fascinating to watch who follows suit…

Kudos to Microsoft for being bold! Here at Hyperion we pride ourselves in always trying to be the best we can, ensuring every move me make is Fearless, Transparent and Creative.

And I love to see these qualities in other companies. This move is certainly Fearless, Transparent and Creative. Thank you, Microsoft, for committing to carbon net zero.

Now… who’s next?