Energy storage has become a hot topic in the industry in the last couple of years and this sector will no doubt accelerate in growth!

2020 may bring the biggest and best wins for long duration energy storage however 2019 brought “concrete signs of progress”. Energy storage is a vital component of the future carbon-free energy system and progress is happening to make it more safe, affordable and scalable.

Here highlights some of the tangible advancements within the past year from increased investment to more emphasis on safe storage. 2019 brought new advances for energy storage which have built the foundation for a promising boost in the new decade.

“Just wait for next year”.

Last year heard noise from Rockstar companies such as Form and ESS, who invent entirely new storage devices, as well as those who are repurposing of machinery from other industries for new applications in grid storage such as Highview Power.

This year also seen historic advances in policy and highlights the power of state goals. The zero-carbon targets have accelerated long-duration markets that would otherwise remain largely hypothetical.  

Here at Hyperion we are intrinsic to the growth of a strong and prosperous cleantech economy partnering with some of the most innovative energy storage companies including Malta Inc and Key Capture Energy, enabling them to find extraordinary people.

We are driving the transition towards clean energy and see the importance and potential for energy storage within 2020.

We are currently looking for a Director, Systems Engineering for an exciting long-duration energy storage start-up that are working toward a 100% renewable energy future for everyone in the world.

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