In the last quarter of 2019, Dyson's electric car dream very sadly collapsed, emphasising just how immensely difficult it is for newcomers (yes, even the brightest engineering minds) looking to enter the automotive/mobility space without prior experience. 

However, following yesterday's unveiling at CES, it would appear that Sony are next in line to be moving towards the wonderful world of electric vehicles...But let's not get too excited just yet, whilst my Twitter and WhatsApp groups have exploded with the images of Sony's 'Vision S' concept, it seems that Sony's main aim was to showcase their autonomous vehicle tech and capabilities both internal and external such as the Solid State LiDAR and in-cabin infotainment sensors.Nonetheless, with tech of this calibre, if they ever did decide to develop electric and autonomous vehicles, they've certainly got the proven track record delivering top quality technology and entertainment to stand them a very good chance of success!