Remember when DECCA passed over the chance to sign the Beatles? (even I'm not that old, but I know the story). More recently of course, Facebook famously turned down Brian Acton for a job. He went on to create WhatsApp, and sold it to Facebook for £14 Billion. Maybe not all bad hiring decisions are so costly, but maybe relatively speaking they are. 

Are you and your leaders equipped to ask the right questions?  So often hiring processes are formulaic and seek to recruit the comfortable option. Sometimes they are chaotic and no-one really knows what they are asking or why.  Talent is by far the most important asset any business has, but so often it's left in the hands of poorly equipped leaders, and poorly equipped recruiters.

At Hyperion we help our clients make the best hires, including cultural fit, but with outstanding talent equipped to deal with the future, to ask the challenging questions, to be an asset, not a bum on a seat that makes everyone comfortable.