Volvo Buses has this week launched another fantastic programme focused on the re-use of their bus batteries by giving them a second life to help power the Fyrklövern residential complex in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Following on from a similar project launched in December 2018, this new initiative in cooperation with Stena Property and Stena Recycling, will see Volvo's electric bus batteries reused as stationary energy storage. The batteries will be recharged via solar cells installed on the roofs of the buildings thus, supplying electricity for the exterior lighting of the plant or for communal areas such as the washing cellar for example. 

This is a great way of utilising second life batteries to provide flexibility and stability to the grid. What's more (positive), as soon as the capacity of the batteries is no longer sufficient for these tasks, they are to be recycled by Stena Recycling or its subsidiary BatteryLoop.

This is a huge step towards circular economy in electric mobility and it came as no surprise to see Volvo yet again leading the way. 

I've always loved Volvo group, not purely because their products are amazing but for their ethics and values. They've always been an ethical, forward thinking business - first to commit to total electrification across all models with the aim of carbon neutrality by 2040, first to implement blockchain technology to support the ethical sourcing of cobalt found in the batteries of their electric vehicles and now another initiative like this. Simply brilliant. 

Here at Hyperion, we build teams for the most innovative cleantech companies, driving forward the clean energy and mobility transition. We have found extraordinary talent for many of our cleantech clients such as Alfen, who have also launched similar second life battery programmes. To hear how we can help your business, please feel free to connect.