"We live in a world in dire need of disruptive innovations"

Indeed we do, and these interesting thoughts emerging around a circular economy, waste and technology are just what we need to kick start this.

Progressing as we are, we will inevitably find ourselves in a never-ending pursuit of continuously generated waste, rather than seeing the avoidance of waste as a path to beneficial innovations on many levels.

In our quest to a greener future, the circular economy ecosystem promotes resource management, waste reduction and the repurposing and recycling of resources. 

That said, encouraging the cultural changes needed to turn society and businesses towards a circular economy isn't going to be easy. It will require rewiring our brains, redefining waste and preventing its creation in the first place. 

There are no doubts of the need for development, trust and transparency for this to work, although technologies such as Blockchain, AI and IoT are rumoured to have their place through providing product origins and incentivising positive behavioural change.

Here at Hyperion we partner with some of the most innovative cleantech companies across the globe. We have a passion for innovative sustainable solutions and are excited for the future advancements in this sector!

It's time to throw away throw-away culture!

This is about genuine innovation derived from genuine leadership. Is there a true potential for a global circular economy that will become intentionally transparent?

A time when no one talks about the circular economy; just the economy. What a disruptive and innovative thought…