Tesla broke the internet last week with the launch of #cybertruck dividing opinions across the world, mainly centred around its 'marmite' appearance.

Whilst I haven't pledged my deposit, I actually think it looks really cool and will likely smash what ever sales targets are set.

The big problem for me however, is size.

With our cities already bursting at the seams, can you imagine chucking a load of Cybertrucks into the mix?

Car ownership and the number of cars on our roads will undoubtedly reduce over the next decade but where they exist, we need to ensure they are the most sensible, sustainable and practical in order to reduce congestion and pollution in urban areas.That's why I was so pleased to hear from Mini boss Bernd Körber, who this week outlined plans to build a next generation Mini that is much smaller in size compared to the current three-door hatch but with the same functionality. 

We need to see smaller, more affordable, practical #electricvehicles coming to market. Perhaps Elon can start working on the sequel to S 3 X Y C A R S and release a model 2, slightly smaller than the 3 with a price tag of around £20-25k (or less)...