EV charging infrastructure is critical to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles globally. There's no question that the network is growing considerably, however, the question on the lips of many investors is exactly how often are charge points being utilised? 

For the operator, what is the point of going through the motions of installing thousands of your charge points if nobody is plugging in? And from the investor perspective, why would they back your business if they never see a return? 

As highlighted in the article below, many investors would argue that by purely selling kilowatts, this will not generate profits substantial enough to warrant financing in the first place. This presents a challenge to many of the start-ups entering the scene who may need to up their innovation game to start thinking about how they can generate revenue from other sources. 

Here at Hyperion, we are proud to build teams for the leading operators in the EV charging space. Our clients and the candidates we place are putting their customers first to understand their needs and deliver the market leading charging infrastructure that everybody's queuing up for. Whether it is combating shortages of charging on the street side, at work, deploying solutions onto EV forecourts, integrating charging solutions into your solar pv or home energy storage systems or plugging in whilst you do your weekly food shop, our clients have got you covered. 

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