Interesting announcements from Honda yesterday at their 'Electric Vision' event in Amsterdam. As you would expect, there was the standard cool and funky Honda marketing to introduce their all-new, all-electric Honda e (I kind of like it...), as well as their plans for an all-electrified fleet offering by the end of 2022 in Europe - three years ahead of schedule. All good stuff! 

But what really caught my eye was the vision behind their energy management solutions and services. OK, so it doesn't sound as sexy as the electric cars of the future, but fast forward to around the 33 minute point in the launch video and you might see what I mean....

Jorgen Pluym, Project Leader of Energy Management, announced that through their partnership with Vattenfall, Moixa, ubitricity and EVTec, Honda are offering their customers "the most complete offer available in the market today". 

This is not just about cars; this is about giving greater value to their customers by making the charger stations accessible and available, with the lowest cost, clean, green energy, and with potential revenue opportunities from providing energy services to the grid. Drop the mic Mr Pluym!

Big brand companies with a genuine appetite for innovation and change have the power to take low and zero carbon living to the mass market. It's great to see such a big automotive beast as Honda bring together technology innovators like ubitricity, Moixa and EVTec to create wholistic e-mobility solutions which just make life better and greener!

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