Electric vehicle ownership is expected to accelerate over the next few decades, a great opportunity to tackle climate change with transportation being the largest driver of emissions.

But, are we ready?

History shows that cities struggle with adapting quickly alongside innovation, therefore a high degree of preparation is required ahead of this electric revolution.

Major cities across the US have already taken steps forward through legislation, incentives and education, ensuring that EV ownership will not only be easy but beneficial.

However, schemes need to be managed better to ensure that they are not only available to certain communities.

Access is the key to electrification. Studies show that EV usage is higher in cities due to accommodating infrastructure and development concentrated here. "If we want EVs to succeed, they have got to be available to all Americans" says NY Rep. Paul Tonko. Therefore, access to infrastructure needs to represent the entire American population.

Both utilities and cities have been working hard to improve infrastructure, policy and funding in order to create a better understanding of electric vehicles. In preparation for electrification, this collaborative work between utilities and cities is crucial to enable this shift amongst both residents and businesses.

It is clear there is a need for a perfect blend between government, public and private sectors to achieve successful climate efforts and these major cities are on the right path!