Interesting thoughts on the future of clean energy!

With the looming expiration of tax credits, major investment into wind and solar projects is anticipated throughout 2020. 

However, bubbles are expected to burst as this short term boom will be followed with long term uncertainty in the industry.

In a quest to seek alternatives within the clean energy sector, new technology-neutral tax credits have been proposed. Is this the way forward to a renewed power sector? 

Decision makers need to propose next generation policies that will spark innovation within the clean tech industry. The development of an ambitious set of climate policies has the potential to find solutions to global problems.

Without the PTC, there is a real opportunity to make investing in small projects more attractive! Now is the chance for growth within the renewable and energy storage sectors without causing market uncertainty.

Well-designed and proactive incentives can therefore speed the process and become a bridge towards a sustainable, clean future.

The time has come for change.