Good Energy, one of the UK's leading renewable energy suppliers who sell 100% renewable electricity and carbon neutral gas have entered the electric vehicle charging space with the launch of their new product and service offering; One Point. 

The scheme is Good Energy's latest move in the electric vehicle and energy sharing space and will focus on workplace charging solutions for UK businesses. This offering will provide employees and customers with a 100% renewable #evcharging solution for their electric vehicles. 

Mobility as we know is in a state of transition, with a growing infrastructure network as well as more and more manufacturers bringing affordable electric vehicles to market, we will no doubt see a huge spike in their uptake.

It is really great to see businesses like Good Energy enhance their service offering and support the UK's effort towards net zero carbon.

Here at Hyperion, we play our part in connecting the very best talent with the very best cleantech clients in order to achieve the best possible future of the clean energy and mobility transition. In fact, our understanding and expertise, particularly in EV Charging and eMobility is second to none and the reason why so many of our clients place their trust in us. To find out more, please feel free to connect with me.