This week I attended automotiveEV in Coventry which was a fantastic event covering a wide variety of electric vehicle related topics from electric vehicle charging infrastructure to enhances in battery and powertrain technology.

One common theme that cropped up was charging and range anxiety which are two persistent factors presenting lots of people from switching their ICE to EV.

However, German automotive supplier Bosch announced on Monday that its latest semiconductor technology which infuses carbon atoms into silicon to create silicon carbide, will  enable better conduction of electricity and could ease fears about running out of charge. 

Bosch claim that its new silicon carbide ("SiC") semiconductor could add as much as 6% to the range of electric vehicles. On a Tesla Model 3 for example with a 240-mile range, that would mean an additional 14 miles in the 'tank'.

Whilst adding a few extra miles to the battery is helpful, after all every little helps, many are now wondering if the same technology could be applied to charging systems in order to speed up charging times? Wouldn't that be something...

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