This is a really key development for the e-mobility sector in the UK. In order for businesses and the public to transition to EVs in large numbers, the customer experience has to be as smooth as possible. Until now, charging your EV has been clunky and complicated with so many different providers and operators, apps and RFID cards. This interoperability agreement between different operators will significantly improve the customer experience in line with those in other European countries where EV growth is much higher. As this article suggests, this is particularly attractive for business users where it will be much easier to manage the billing side, leading to a greater adoption of EV fleets. 

I believe the operators who will not embrace this interoperability will begin to struggle. At Hyperion, we're proud to work with the most innovative and forward thinking companies in the e-mobility sector like EVBox who have been instrumental in driving interoperability. They certainly embrace competition but their purpose is to drive the e-mobility sector as a whole rather than their own self-interest. Companies like this are exactly the type of clients we love to partner with!