Despite being a life-long lover of cars, and a reformed petrolhead, I've been looking forward to autonomous driving for some time. I hate driving in traffic, even though that's far easier, and less polluting in an EV. Traffic sucks. Pollution sucks more. Autonomous driving can tackle both of these issues. Of course future mobility is complex, and I certainly don't see a world the same as now, just with electric power-trains and robot drivers. We need to reduce cars, increase walking, cycling, clean and reliable public transit. Mobility as a service (MaaS) is the future. Autonomous driving will play a huge part in the future of mobility, but we have huge sociological as much as technical hurdles to overcome. Here we have an example of where the first autonomous steps will occur, the start of the journey so to speak. On campuses, closed routes, airports, universities, large industrial complexes. Reduced noise and pollution are huge advantages, and controlled environments let us humans get used to the idea that robots may not just be better drivers, but they can make our lives better too.

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