Stakeholders from across the solar PV and battery storage industry are again left banging heads against walls following UK Government's latest kick in the guts due to hit these shores from 1st October. HMRC's proposed VAT increase to 20% on solar and storage for households is just madness - not least if we are serious about making progress towards achieving the legally binding targets of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Aside from helping to make a greener, cleaner world, this is about creating jobs and bringing truly sustainable business growth to the UK economy at a time when good news is otherwise rather thin on the ground. 

At Hyperion we are fortunate to work with some amazing solar and energy storage companies crammed with brilliant people who achieve great things in spite of poorly thought out, unfair and shabby policy decisions. There should be such a positive story to tell of the UK's well-established solar industry - flourishing in our home market as well as exporting expertise to emerging markets overseas. Just by enabling the solar industry to operate on a level playing field, and removing unfair barriers to consumers, the UK solar industry can truly wake up and achieve its potential. 

As Good Energy CEO Juliet Davenport succinctly argues in her letter to the Chancellor last week:

"There are more than one million solar PV installations now in operation across the UK. Their sum capacity totals more than our single biggest power station.... We need to ensure that this momentum is not lost." 

Whatever the shade and make up of the UK Government in the coming weeks and months - whether operating in or out of the European Union - a positive policy framework to remove barriers and stimulate homes and businesses to invest in clean energy solution is something we should all stand up for. 

We very much look forward to engaging with industry colleagues at the forthcoming Solar & Storage Live event at The NEC next week. Please get in touch if you would like to fix a meeting with the Hyperion team.