Hyperion have a unique perspective partnering with startups who have received significant investment from large Oil & Gas companies entering the cleantech space.  

We have recently been retained by Limejump, who Shell invested in earlier this year, to manage a search for a newly created Chief Operations Officer role (COO) that is an integral hire for the business as they rapidly expand. 

Limejump currently owns and operates technology described as “the UK’s largest virtual power plant”, combining industrial and domestic-scale batteries with demand response to offer grid flexibility and stability as more renewables come online.

It was also Shell who acquired Sonnen in February 2019 - a company we have recruited for since 2015 and who have become a global leader in smart, distributed energy storage systems. Shell first invested in Sonnen in 2018 before agreeing to buy 100% of the company 12 months later, another example of the Oil giants major shift towards clean technology

So, why do these cleantech innovators with grand ambitions, multi-millions in investment and now a huge amount of visibility choose to partner with Hyperion to build their teams across the globe?  

Rather than waxing lyrical about ourselves, here's the feedback from the CEO of a post-investment cleantech startup in the US - Google incubated and Bill Gates backed Energy Storage company Malta Inc. 

"As a small company undergoing rapid growth, it's very important to Malta that we find candidates whose technical skills, experience, and personality align with our company’s needs and culture, and that we find those people fast. Hyperion helped us do just that.

They made sure they understood the specific needs of our company, including the company culture we’re trying to build, provided commentary on how the strengths and weaknesses of those candidates would complement our team, and then used our feedback from each interview to refine his selections. Thanks to Hyperion, we’ve filled several key positions with excellent employees who enable us to focus on our goals instead of our hiring search"  Ramya Swaminthan, CEO Malta 

We love recruiting cleantech rockstars for world class companies who are creating game changing technologies and if you'd like to learn more about our approach or further case studies, please get in touch!