Advancement in technology, science and collaboration is emerging rapidly and it is fantastic to see the FUD around electric vehicles being squashed by the many evangelists out there. Even those who we would least expect such as Jay Leno! I mean who would have thought a man who has such an admiration for internal combustion engines, has now embraced the power of electrification.

We are also seeing EV costs coming down, 'range and charge anxiety' fast becoming a thing of the past and with regards to charging infrastructure, there's plenty installations being rolled out all over the country and that's increasingly daily.  

However, on the back of a report from The Science and Technology Committee, simply swapping ICE for EV won't be enough and MPs are suggesting people will need to get out of their cars if we are to stand any chance of achieving our climate targets. 

Whilst there's lots of valid points in this article, we already know this. So my advice would be to ask yourself this; How easy would it be to ditch your car? Personally, it would be difficult for my family to get rid of ours. Dropping the second car could be an option, walking more, cycling more, eating less meat and in general, being more mindful of our household and personal energy use is something we are all conscious of and need to do more of.

At the same time, better and safer infrastructure (cycling, walking) needs to be put in place, education needs to be improved, we need to embrace micro-mobility rather than put up barriers and there needs to be a mix of transportation options available (car sharing, ride-hailing, autonomous vehicles, eBikes, eScooters, hydrogen?).

We're doing our bit at Hyperion, helping our clients accelerate the clean energy and mobility transition by finding the very best talent and connecting it to the very best companies. 

What are you doing to help save our planet?