Many people like myself are looking to switch from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to Electric Vehicle (EV). In actual fact, had it not been for the 18 months remaining on my lease agreement, I'd have most likely made the switch already.

For many others though, 'range anxiety' or 'charging anxiety' is somewhat holding them back. In other words, they are concerned about current EVs not having sufficient range, perhaps they feel there isn't enough charging infrastructure available, or perhaps after watching Top Gear recently, they may have been brainwashed into believing it takes 8 hours to charge your car... 

Nonetheless, what if I told you in future, say by 2021, you could charge your car in just five minutes?

Well, that's what UK oil giant British Petroleum (BP) is hoping for with investment into StoreDot, a pioneering Israeli lithium-ion battery developer who have developed batteries that replace the inorganic compounds used in a standard li-ion battery cathode, with its own synthetic organic compounds, thereby allowing you to charge at a much faster rate. Read more on this breakthrough battery technology by clicking the link below;