Keeping up to speed with what is going on at Jaguar Land Rover has been rather difficult over the last 18 months. Even with my family members and friends working there, not one person has been able to provide me with any insight as to what the future for the auto giant may look like.

With sales up one minute and down the next, talk of investment swiftly following by job losses, it has all been a bit crazy and somewhat confusing to say the least.

However, the news this morning that JLR will be investing hundreds of millions of pounds to develop electric cars here in the UK came as a huge boost to the UK auto manufacturing industry, especially the near on 3,000 jobs it will secure at their Castle Bromwich plant.

Building on from the success of the I-PACE, the investment will allow JLR to lean on the same group of designers and technical product development specialists to produce an electrified version of the XJ - the first new electric car to be produced at the plant. Couple this with the plans to collaborate with BMW to develop next generation electric drive units, the future for Jaguar Land Rover most certainly looks to be an electric one.