It's really refreshing to hear an auto OEM taking this long term connected view of how their products use can change and evolve over time. Many seem to consider the battery's second life or recycling as an afterthought. However Rivian have specifically designed their batteries such that they can have the most efficient second life in a stationary energy storage application. The CEO RJ Scaringe says: “The decisions we make as a company absolutely are made from the vantage point of, ‘How do we have the most impact?'”

I love this view. They are looking at how their technology can impact products and sectors beyond their core offering taking a holistic view of their position in a wider transition to a clean energy future.

At Hyperion, we work with cleantech businesses that strive to have the biggest impact on this transition. In order to have the greatest impact, you need the best people in your team. If you need to add cleantech rockstars to your team or are looking to join a business where you can have a real impact please get in touch.