The electric scooter era is well and truly upon us, with established brands such as Lime and Bird leading the way, as well as many exciting start-ups such as Tier who are accelerating the uptake across Europe.

Having recently tried one out at Fully Charged Live, I completely understand the hype around them. Fast, fun, sleek, relatively inexpensive and convenient especially for urban living, short commutes or quick trips out.

However, there are lot's of concerns mainly surrounding safety, littering, life expectancy and so on which has divided opinion on their viability as a reliable and long-term eMobility solution. This article from techradar asks the question; 'Would you swap your car for an electric scooter?', exploring the case for and against two wheels whilst also looking at some of the concerns around them. 

The eMobility sector is growing rapidly and we at Hyperion are partnering with a number of start-ups helping them build diverse teams and find the very best talent in the market. Feel free to reach out if you would like to hear more about what we do for our clients.