I was speaking to a US contact of mine recently about the perception of EVs and how they are being received across the USA. Here's what he had to say;

"Unless you're West coast US, there's a very slim chance anything clean or efficient sells. I'm with you on clean tech but the unfortunate truth is the majority of Americans from the Midwest & East coast will not sacrifice their gas guzzling Ford F350s or Cadillac Escalade"

Whilst I kind of see his point, with new model entries from the likes of Rivian, Karma, Hyundai and so on, not to mention the continuous role out of public charge points, supportive regulatory factors and dropping prices, I am very confident that the USA EV market is certainly one in the making. 

Oh! And did you know, we at Hyperion have recently established our very own US office in Austin, Texas! Feel free to get in touch with me to hear more about the rockstar talent we are finding and diverse teams we are building for our innovative cleantech clients!