I was cycling home from work yesterday only to be distracted by two Instavolt DC fast charging stations deployed at a BP 'petrol' station near to my home in Liverpool. Coincidentally, a best friend of mine who lives in London sent me a text this morning, which simply read 'It is happening'. By that he meant the electric vehicle revolution in reference to two on-street public chargepoints which he spotted in Greenwich.

We have seen what Gridserve are doing in the UK with the planned electric forecourts as well as Fastned across Europe. Not to mention the acquisitions from BP, Shell, Total and some of the big oil majors which is indicative that the main players are preparing for life away from Oil. Now with Chevron teaming up with EVgo to supply charging stations across California, it is only a matter of say 5 years (in my opinion) before accessible, functional charging infrastructure is made available globally whilst our kids will be asking 'what is a petrol station?'