I recently shared a post about the planned investments from the major Auto OEM's into new electric vehicle programs over the next few years. The post received a lot of positive feedback but one comment in particular really got my back up;"

People don't want them (electric vehicles) or don't have the infrastructure to charge them. Trailing cables across pavements is completely unacceptable so unless you have a driveway you physically can't have an ev."

Of course, I appreciate there is a significant lack of functional, accessible and inter-operable charging infrastructure but seriously, we need to stop being so negative and focus attention on the bigger picture. 800,000 deaths as a direct result of vehicle pollution in Europe, per year, is simply not acceptable. 

This great article from Auto Futures introduces us to Paul Ayres, COO & Founder of Connected Kerb, an innovative EV charging company focused on changing confidence levels and driving the ev revolution through their products and experience.

Whilst the emobility transition won't happen overnight and certainly won't be without challenges, it is great to see companies driving behavioural change and pushing the boundaries of innovation for the better.

That is why we at Hyperion Executive Search, partner with forward thinking companies that are working hard to achieve the best possible results for the best possible future of the clean energy and mobility transition.