Wow, this week UK Parliament passes a Climate Emergency motion, and the UK Committee on Climate change advise on a net zero carbon energy system by 2050, where 'Lord Deben explained that while the net zero target doesn’t prescribe a technology mix, the committee would expect the cheapest options - wind and solar - to do the “heavily lifting”. 

Big rise in EVs too. Now, I've been in the UK solar/cleantech sector since 2007, and I've seen the Conservatives true colours on climate change and environment, and felt their impact, badly. Of course I feel a heavy dose of scepticism over such announcements, we all know actions not words make the difference, but increasingly, thanks to Greta Thunburg, David Attenborough, Extinction Rebellion, and all is Cleantech heroes, just maybe the world will wake up in time. Just maybe. Let's keep pushing, cajoling, voting, shouting and innovating. Our kids might just yet have an inhabitable earth to live on.