The primary electricity supply company for much of Southern California is turning to large-scale and distributed energy storage projects to meet demand in northwest of Los Angeles, pushing back against the need for a new gas peaker plant - a fantastic win for the community who opposed fossil fuel infrastructure marring the coastline and who now have clean energy investment in instead of a gas plant.

What started as a routine gas plant procurement ended as a testament to the changing electrical grid and the rapid ascent of energy storage. 

Batteries at the once-mindblowing 100-megawatt scale are becoming increasingly commonplace, in utility project announcements if not yet in practice. As sheer scale loses its shock value, displacing gas plants in head-to-head competition could offer a new way to impress.

Here at Hyperion, we are proud to be partnering with project developers & clean technology companies across the US with a mission to build large-scale energy storage projects today that will transition us to the grid of tomorrow.

One of those companies is Key Capture Energy, an early stage startup that actively fosters a culture of teamwork and collaboration, which enables them to successfully identify, develop, construct, and operate large-scale energy storage projects that promote a clean energy economy.

We are helping the company to hire a Senior Manager, Development (Houston) Manager, Development (Albany) O&M Manager (Albany) Project Manager (Albany) and an Electrical Engineer (Albany) -  please get in touch if you'd like to learn more.