Last week the Oxford eBike summit took place and brought together a number of business leaders and key players working in the sector, to explore how to advance full eBike mobility.

It was great to see and hear of the numerous innovative products that focused on greening the last mile or simply changing the way we think about moving people and goods in urban areas.

Many of my colleagues are interested in eBikes and have recently ditched their cars to take up regular cycling to work. Yes, due to the health benefits of course but mainly because they all care about what they as individuals can to to reduce their own carbon footprint. And, because they can.

Just this week for example, I ordered a takeaway from a Pizza shop less than one mile away from my home. On the clever little app I could see the driver had five other deliveries to make in my area. When he arrived with my order, I looked at the car he was driving - a 66 plate VW Golf 2 Litre TDI (engine still running). 12 months ago, maybe I wouldn't have been overly concerned but given my new role and fact I am genuinely mindful every day about my little boy's future and that of our planet, it got me thinking - 'Couldn't he have cycled here?' or 'Couldn't he swap his diesel for an eBike?' and 'Why doesn't his firm introduce some e cargo bikes or EVs into their fleet?' etc etc.

I'm guilty of not doing enough, I currently drive a 1.6L Ford Kuga to work everyday when I could easily hop on a bicycle. I also drive to Asda to do my weekly food shop which is literally next door to my house. Perhaps it is convenience or maybe it is just me being lazy. Maybe a bit of both.

Nonetheless, I've already got my sights on an EV and will be purchasing a bike this summer. In the meantime, it is Fantastic to see startups like EAV launching their P1 E-cargo bike as well established businesses such as DPD and the Royal Mail trying out new, cleaner E-cargo bikes.

There is so much more we can all be doing and I hope to see widespread adoption of eBikes sooner rather than later.