With BP Chargemaster opening up a new rapid EV charging hub in Milton Keynes, it shows real progression being made to ready the UK network for the imminent influx of EV's coming to our roads. Claiming to be the largest of its kind in the UK, I imagine this will be a record quickly broken; this is not to discount the efforts being made by Chargemaster, but to cope with the increasing growth trends, we will need to see similar projects being unveiled. 

Including 8 50kW rapid chargers, the connection hook up will be universal to allow a multitude of EV charging integration. Thus, boosting the confidence of EV drivers who're unsure of plug integration, seamlessly allowing every type of EV to use the facility.

Statistics show that over 500 EV's have already used the hub since it opened with the site featuring facilities such as an on-site cafe. Similar hubs will soon become more popular on UK roads within the incoming years.